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THEOH was designed to make Open Houses more visible through the use of technology. We built a mobile based app that automatically alerts you of Open Houses in the vicinity. NO MORE SIGNS necessary.

technology meets real estate

We all know the tedious task of having to set up all those open house signs on the street. With THEOH, it is all on your phone. The hosting Realtor can go live on their Open House through the THEOH App which through GEO Fencing sends Push Notifications to others in the area alerting everyone of the open house. Integrated in the app is a Google map function that will drive buyers to the house. Also Buyers can contact the Realtor with the push of a button which Generates a LEAD. The simpe easier way to promote your Open House. THEOH

With GEO Fenciing technology, your phone does it all. It sends Push Notifications to people in the area that the Open House is live.

All Realtors need leads. Instead of paying high prices for leads, THEOH does it for you. On the app there is a icon on the app that allows buyers to contact the Realtor holding the Open House. This is direct contact between Buyer and Realtor which we all know is a LEAD.

fine tune the open house process

and generate leads

Our team here at THEOH wants to help. With technology these days the old Open House sign seems like a dinosaur. Everyone has a phone these days and with GEO Fencing technology the phone can send push notifications directly to other app users that there are live open houses in the area

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All Realtors need leads

Realtors hosting Open Houses have direct contact with buyers with THEOH.